Monday, May 17, 2010

hey there


we're still here. but not for long. this saturday is our official move date. we made a pretty good sized smaller trip this past weekend, so most of our clothes and shoes are there, and a lot of our non-necessities, which gave me a chance to figure out storing solutions before i got too overwhelmed. i also cleaned the whole place (with a friend's help) so now we can just unpack and load.

i have to say, i'm getting rather excited. all i want to do is stay home and pack all day! and nest in the new place of course. i literally went to target four times this weekend. i better find myself a job and FAST.

1 comment:

Jana-banana said...

i guess that last comment answers my question about the commuting. Did you really give up you swanky job at Ralph Lauren? Wow. Big decisions. Good for you. Hope you guys are really happy in CT.

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