Thursday, December 18, 2008

snow day, please and thank you, a post about niceties

so we're supposed to get some big storm tonight. like a whopping 6 inches. phhbbtttt. please. that's like piddly snow. but i'm hoping it cripples the city transportation and i get an extended weekend out of the deal.

and shame on all the rude christmas-time new yorkers. seriously people, am i invisible or are you just too rude to avoid barreling into me? maybe you could stand around some more {directly in the way, of course} and try to figure out where you are or where you're going? because none of us have to be to work on time or would like to get into any one of several entrances you are blocking... and men, oh you sad cruel men. you should be ashamed. plopping your big fat butts down on those subway seats and making those of us who have struggled in high heels all day long stand? yes, stand. shame. may you all get a big hairy fat rat in your stockings. or maybe just in your apartments. there's some christmas spirit for ya.


daisygirl said...

I must be tired, I thought apartments read armpits, but I suppose that would be fitting too? These days I am always amazed when a man has some manners, and I always make sure to tell him a hearty thank you when he does. Chivalry-where did it go? Thanks a lot feminists who want to open their own doors!

morninglory kitsch said...

feminists. phbbbbt! thanks for the commentary. it was wonderful and uplifting - to remember that i have no snow, a tree, and small town feel.

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