Monday, December 15, 2008

half past five hundred square feet

city life is exhausting. even on the weekends there's not much relaxing going on. i mean, i guess sleeping until one in the afternoon counts as relaxing, but strangely enough, i'd rather be reading books on my sun porch. of course, our sun porch would now be frozen solid amidst two feet of upstate snow. and there would be no sun.

can i tell you how much i am missing having enough room for a big ol' Christmas tree? i'm so tempted to buy a little charlie brown tree and light it up, for nostalgia sake. sad little apartment with no little tree. the husband does not see the downside to this, he only sees a lack of pesky needles to coax out of the carpet, no wasted dollars on an already dying piece of the forest, no ornaments to unpack and repack. i miss the lights most of all.

but it's not all depressing inner monologue around here! we rearranged the bedroom this weekend, which really helped with the whole "we're cramped and need a bigger place" feeling. seriously. never underestimate the ability to walk around the bed. and night stands: they sure are handy.


Jennifer said...

i was wondering when you were going to rearrange the bedroom because it really sucked having to crawl over the bed to get to the other side!

African Kelli said...

you can always lean on me, my friend. I hope you do find some peace (and a tiny tree!) and are able to enjoy the season.
Merry Christmas!

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