Thursday, April 03, 2008

how lucky we are

and our winner is:


hey, let me know if you prefer blues or pinks....

thanks to everyone for participating! i really appreciate the comments. i think if you've purchased the old version pendant and plan on purchasing the new version, you will be quite impressed. i know i am! i wore one of mine all day yesterday and i kept rubbing my fingers on the super smooth surface. i might be OCD.

i will more than likely put these pendants in the shop this weekend {granted i just realized the baby shower is THIS sunday and i have yet to make a thing...}. if you want to be included on an email announcing shop updates, contact me at and put UPDATES EMAIL in the message header. i did sell a bunch of stuff yesterday to some coworker gals, so if things got pulled from the site, that's where they went....including the east side gretta. thanks for all the shop/blog love people....there will be ANOTHER contest tomorrow!

1 comment:

n8andbumber said...

WOOHOO!! Wow, I'm soo stinking lucky on your blog!!!

I'm open to whatever color you feel like sending me. Beggers can't shouldn't be choosy! But I have been lusting over the one with the hippos with the heart over them.

Thank you thank you!

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