Wednesday, April 02, 2008

diaper bag, baby

diaperbag.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

so here it is, now that it's in the loving, adoring and appreciative hands of it's new owner, i give you: the diaper bag. THE diaper bag.

it's not that the making of this thing kicked my butt, it was the IDEA of the making of this thing. i loved the end product, but picking up all these pieces and trying to make them into one cohesive, working {pretty} product is daunting. especially when you're me, and you hate to follow directions/patterns/instructions so you make everything up out of your head. {which is why it arrived two months late...}

it all came together eventually though, the two big inside pockets for diapers and wipes, the stretchy side pockets for bottles, the hidden keyring clip, the magnetic-snap closure....

i used 30's reproduction-style fabrics {because i know jen, and vintage is way higher on her list than cutesy} some tan corduroy and white ribbon for the handles. i interfaced the crap out of it, but luckily it's still pretty light.

next up: a messenger bag for me to prevent nyc pickpockets from reaching in and stealing my goodies AND some boy-themed {yay finally} baby gifts for an upcoming shower.

CONTEST: i'll close the comments tonight {4/2} at midnight and tomorrow i'll pick a random winner. good luck!


Kelly said...

you're a genius! it turned out great.

Ferocious said...

it is seriously amazingly beautiful. i LOVE it!!!

Melissa said...

It looks wonderful, and functional, and not at all all the other diaper bags out there! Lucky Duck Jen should be nice to you for a long time after all that! :o)
If someone asked me to make them a diaper bag, I'd probably give them a doubled-up grocery bag! :o) You are way nicer (and smarter) than me!

thejeffr said...

Dang. That's impressive, tink. Nice work.

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