Monday, November 19, 2007

it ain't over til it's over. is it over yet?

mittens.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

well one weekend of craziness behind us.

here's a project {via martha stewart living} i made with the girls who stayed over on friday night. some of them opted to double-side these, stitch them together and stuff them for ornaments, even embroidering an initial. what i'll most likely do is make several more in this color theme and use them to hang christmas cards from a rope, or magnetize them and attach them to gifts.
they're super easy and fast to make, great kids project really, you can find more details and instructions here.

as for the crafty {supply} swap of 07, mine are not yet mailed! i know. i know. why make deadlines if i have zero intention of keeping them. BUT i wanted to add a few more things in lastnight. i just didn't feel like it was 'enough'. do you know what i mean? so they WILL be in the mail first thing tomorrow morning. i PROMISE. seriously.

home for the holiday this weekend, so if any of you connecticut peeps want to hang, just let me know....hasta.


embee said...

i'm around and always up for food.

morninglory kitsch said...

lucky! (said with a breathy napoleon dynamite voice)

daisygirl said...

The mittens are cute! I've been keeping an eye out for a cute project for my nieces. My sister-in-law home schools them and brings them to my place at least once a month for crafts. I'm the cool crafty aunty! Best part is I just tell her what we need and she buys it all.
Oh, and I mailed my packages today. I had them ready last Thursday, but Danny was running errands and Friday too, and Saturday our mail doesn't run up here. At least they are done now.
Sorry about the book here!

holiday jen said...

we're around for a visit!
oh, you said connecticut and not california... grrrr!

StarSpry said...

Those are so cute!

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