Monday, April 23, 2007

open-toed sunshine

photo of the day 4.23.07, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

it's so strange to think last weekend we were walking around in down coats treading through 5 inches of snow, but this weekend was amazing! i got to wear in my new green shoes {love them}, picked up a couple of cute tanks from old navy and put away all my winter clothes. it was a very cleansing experience. i could feel the depressing death vibes exiting through my pores at the site of cute skirts and open-toed shoes and sunshine.

i also stamped a LOT of things this weekend, mostly onesies {and an adorable baby blanket from target} but a few women tanks for summer. i'll let you all know when they're up on etsy, i still have to photo them and set the ink.

i need to hit the gym hard in the next month or so since i'll be out of commission for a few weeks after surgery.

happy sunny monday people. keep it real playas.


Wannabe said...

I've been wearing open toed shoes for like 3 months now. Just sayin' and all.

tinkerstinker said...

just imagine you've been wearing sweaters, wool knee-highs an boots for the past three months. now you understand the depressing death thoughts....

Wannabe said...

I like to wander in dark side. I would luff it.

morninglory kitsch said...

you and me and surgery
one week from today
i go under the sleepy drugs
and emerge a newer me
i pray to god it all goes well
as time will only see
a better bod
a brand new face
you and me and surgery

tinker said...

THat. was. BEAUtiful.

scared of drs jen said...

you both are completely insane

morninglory kitsch said...

good thing jen is so gorgeous.

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