Thursday, April 26, 2007

it's cold here in the shadows

sunset_042607.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

the sun warm when it comes out. thus is spring in upstate. we had a horrid storm the other night. it sounded like a freight train for about 30 minutes. since then it's been pretty cool. not that i'm regretting packing away the sweaters, there's always layers.

the etsy sale lasts two more days then i'll be loading it up with tons of new crap. i cut a bunch of fabric lastnight while watching tv and pushing through overindulgent-salmon-induced nausea. i'm going to sew some super cute crap this weekend to put in the shop. i'm really obsessed with polka dots and fun kid's prints currently. that's all i'll say for now.

two words: friday. tomorrow.


Kelly said...

we've had really bad storms here the last 2 nights. Tuesday night, we got woken up by some of the loudest thunder i've ever heard! i don't care if you're scared of storms or not, when you get woken up by thunder shaking your bed, that's scary!

Wannabe said...

I luff super cute crap.

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