Tuesday, February 06, 2007

hunger hallucinations

i'm tired, it's late and i've stayed past 6 at work again. i'm in a hurry to get home and get dinner. i'm starving. i tend to snack less when i work hard, and it was one of those days. needless to say i was in no mood for the traffic that should not have been there at 6 pm. finally while stuck at a light i never get stuck at, i lose it and start yelling at everyone from safely inside my locked car. finally, we're moving, i gun it, and there it is. the delay, the issue, the problem. and i just stare in amazement. coming directly towards my car in the middle of the street is a man, in a wheelchair with an on-a-mission look in his eye. i swerve to avoid him and keep staring in my rearview. nobody beeped, everyone stared, some people were even smiling in wonderment. he kept going, 'driving' down the street in the wrong direction. and i though to myself, "i wonder if he's british?"

and then i thought, "man, i'm so hungry..."

1 comment:

Wannabe said...


I can't believe you are so hungry after puking just what...2 nights ago...I swear I don't eat for a week!

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