Monday, February 05, 2007


i hate not getting enough sleep
i hate waking up at 3am for the sole purpose of hugging a toilet
{which may or may not have been cleaned in the past two weeks}
i hate being unable to pig out on food due to above scenario
{which is the only reason i watch the stupid game anyway}
i hate below zero wind chills
i hate full parking garages that turn you away into the below zero wind chill
i hate not being able to cross off anything on my weekend to-do list

{i love my new 30 dollar coffee table, my supportive husband who's up with me at 3am telling me he loves me, vegging out and watching little miss sunshine, napping for 3 hours on a sunday afternoon, and most of all i love feeling better}


marybeth said...

little miss sunshine stole her dance from ME.

p.s. feel better.

Wannabe said...

Barfing sucks. I hope you feel better!

jen said...

you get sick entirely way too often... what is wrong with you?

tinker said...

i live in a place where winter lasts half the year. that could be it.

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