Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Biting the big ticket item bullet.

I love to shop. We all know that. If you don’t, then you don’t read this blog much. Like today: brand new, black. angora sweater. Thank you, anyway.

I am a bargain shopper. I will buy the crappiest color tank top in Old Navy IF it says $1.97 on the tag. I once bought a pair of jeans for $1. And not from the Salvation Army, brand new. However, I hate making large purchases. (The husband: total opposite, the more expensive, the more likely he is to buy it.) I get nervous. Sweaty. I Shake. Buying cars is the scariest thing in the world to me. Besides snakes and spiders. And Martha Stewart. But she might qualify as part of the previous category.

I do however love gadgets and technology and everything fabulously tiny. Buying my G5 was a huge step for me. I wanted to opt for the less expensive G4, but my husband put his foot down and said, you’re getting the G5. Strange, right? Well, now I want to upgrade my digital camera. I have a decent one, it takes great shots, but I wanted something more flexible and professional. So I’ve got my eye on a digital SLR camera, which will run me at least a grand. Eek. Right? $1,000 smackers is a LOT of money. I’m working now (freelance), and making good money, so I could in good conscience buy this camera…BUT. It’s those big purchases that make me sweat. (I want it really really bad though.) So do i do it, or do i concede that it's just too much to spend on a hobby?


Heather said...

If you didn't have any talent, I would say not to bother. But you, my friend, are an amazing photographer. This hobby could, at some point, turn into more then a hobby.

Add in the fact that my child will need some kick-butt photos taken of him/her when s/he comes in May- I say you get the new camera. ;-)

Happy Shopping!

Anonymous said...


- Petri

embee said...

buy it, i love to spend money so who am i to say that. really though. you can sell your old camera on ebay if you need to justify it a little. or you can give it to a bum. whichever will make you feel better.

cheri said...

i already sold my dig camera to my dad. as soon as i get my new one, i'll hand it over to him. it's a sweet deal.

are you calling my dad a bum?

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