Saturday, October 22, 2005

With a chocolate covered cherry on top.

I'm giving Aqualung a chance to impress me. If he does i'll run out and buy his CD, or track down someone who already owns it. If he doesn't, I'll make fun of his stupid name. So far he sounds like a Coldplay vocal set to a Beetle's tune. This couldn't be too bad.

I'm willing to write the longest post i've ever written. Why you ask? Because I'm supposed to be writing a 5 page paper due Monday. It's about a feminist artist from the 70s. Her stuff is really interesting, but as I'm flipping through this 300 page coffee table conversation-killer book i'm bombarded with fat ugly hairy naked women. Saggy breasts and hairy crotches are not my idea of a hot Saturday night. I'm more tempted to go bake an apple pie and play solitaire. But alas, I will prevail. Because this is the last of two papers I will ever have to write again in my life. And that, is worth all the ugly fat naked hairy women in the world to me right now.

I had to break the news to an old friend today that an ex-boyfriend (more like an ex-obsession) died a few years ago in a car crash (or so I thought). I honestly thought she had heard or I had told her, but it was pretty apparent I hadn't when she started reminiscing and asked "I wonder if he's in shape now, and not so rolly polly as he used to be?". I told her. It was awkward. She was shocked. Then she did the research and found the obituary from his hometown paper. She called back to let me know, and although I was glad that I hadn't mistaken or misheard the information, I wasn't, because I really wished I had been wrong after listening to the sadness in her voice.

She's got courage though, for the past few months she's been tracking down old friends, randomly calling them out of the blue and finding out how the heck they're doing. It sounds strange, but if you knew her, which everyone did, you would recognize her voice and smile at the thought that someone thought enough about you to make sure you really had survived the craziness that is growing up and finding yourself. I don't know that I could do that. I'ld be too afraid people wouldn't remember me or that i'ld ask the wrong questions. There's some people I wonder about every now and then, but I know they've remained the most incredible people i'ld ever met, and I wouldn't want to face the dissapointment if I was wrong. Ignorance is bliss I guess, but hopefully for some people bliss is reality.

Sure I complain a lot, and it's raining 24/7 here, i'm cold and I'm stressed, and I wish life was a simple fill in the blanks quiz with a hot fudge sunday ending, but life really is good. Really.

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