Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i have

a TON of work to do here in the next few weeks, especially today and Friday.

Friends of ours are coming into town and while i LOVE having visitors there's just that stuff you have to do. Like cleaning your toilets and vacuuming your floor. Oh and clean sheets. ect ect. And then there's the things you want to do, like bake apple pies and grocery shop for lovely meals. So Friday will be jam packed for me.

Today i have to head up to school early, which always sucks. Being stuck on campus just means you have to do things like reading and research. All because they schedule meetings at off times. Normally today i wouldn't leave until 4 but now i have to leave at noon. Big difference.

Oh well. Such is life.


embee said...

dearest, happy birthday, and have a great weekend. i was gonna get something out to you...but then again i'm a loser. i've been taking hints from mel.

haha...the word verification was pupai. sound it out. sounds like poop-i.

cheri said...

at least you can get a kick out of it.

thanks for the birthday wishes. and double thanks for the wicked awesome package i got...oh wait...

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