Thursday, August 18, 2005

with matching neon triangle jewelry to boot.

When did groucho pants become stylish? Where was I when someone thought lots of loose hanging fabric in a single pant leg was brilliant and oh so georgeous darling? Oh wait, I remember, I was in grade school. And they were called coulottes. And I cried because my mother was forcing me to wear them to summer camp where I was sure to be the laughing stock of the cabin since mine were all these strange and unflattering patterns like neon triangles or graphic ribbons and not matching and suave like all the rich girls I was surrounded by who got their coulottes store bought. Mine came straight from the sewing machine. Not that I'm complaining, if I was my mother I would have done the same thing. Spend money on coulottes? No thank you. Not even to ensure my daughters place in the cool crowd of 7th graders. Because she knew one day I would look back on those snooty girls and think, suckers. Of course, they're probably just all ecstatic that their coulottes are finally back in style.


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Anonymous said...

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smelly mel said...

why are spammers replying to your blog? lame-o's.

this post rules. i remember triangle neon patterns. suckers indeed!

cheri said...

i was all excited until i realized they were spammers.

don't lie. you still like neon triangle patterned anything. i bet you have a bedspread covered in them.

Movie Reviewer said...

Coulottes will never be cool. A unibrow, however, never goes out of style.

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