Saturday, August 27, 2005

Just another day

in paradise. I went to the outlets. I bought some things for the husband on my way back from RI but apparently they were the wrong items and so there's my explanation for spending 3 hours at the outlets. I have a corderoy fetish. I picked out 3 bags and one jacket and decided that I should forgo the corderoy pants. The bags are great, and so organized since i've never really bought 3 bags at once before. I got one tan bag that was smaller for here and there, one larger one (in dark blue) for work and maybe even school or out and about, and one large one (PINK!) which is perfect for school books or plane trips or day trips. And i got incredible deals which is always rewarding. Think of all the money I saved by buying everything.

Wow. I sound so shallow.

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