Wednesday, April 20, 2005

so this weekend

i finally watched Napoleon Dynamite at a friend's 30th birthday party. it was like intervention. they sat us down, turned on the movie and made us watch it. it was decent, the best part being actually knowing what people are talking about now and why everyone keeps saying "dang" and what exactly a Liger is.

i received a design award from school which is a sweet deal in and of itself until i found out that it came with money. dang. so i'm thinking, nice, 50 bucks or so. then i find out it's 250 bucks. dang again my sweet friends.

i'm all about the weather lately. yesterday was the first real t-shirt day of the year. i sat in the park with my bag of twizzlers and studied for my japanese art quiz while catching some sunshine. this is the time of year where i can actually drop the pasty-white-ill look.

i need to have a yard sale. zen is all about minimalism and simplicity and my storage closets can attest to the fact that i'm not about that.


Melissa said...

yay for money and t shirt days and eating twizzlers.


embee said...

twizzlers? and i wasn't invited?

yay for your award. congrats.

tink said...

i'm going to send you each a pound of twizzlers.

not really though. i just wanted to get your hopes up and then stomp on them like a little helpless ant on his way to the grocery hill.

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