Monday, April 11, 2005


of all the work i got done today, i feel foolish for locking my keys in my car at the mall. it wasn't exactly my fault either. i had packed up my keys, phone, wallet in my bag and stepped out of the car. i turned, realizing how nice it was out and proceeded to place my bag on the seat and take off my jacket. and then in slow motion, my car door creaked to a half-close. you know, one of those you have to knock your body against the car to fully close the door. well, with half a coat on i check the door handle and sure enough it's locked. so there i am, sleave hanging off, prying at the door with the remainder of my strength that has not been crippled by an upper-body lifting session two days ago. luckily, mall security had a "lock-out kit" which basically consisted of several metal twisted rods and a book explaining just how to break in to the exact type of car. amazing.

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