Thursday, December 02, 2004

You can breed apples.

I’m really bad at remembering names.

I work well with others. If I like them.

Even though everyone says I’m small, I don’t really feel small. And not in an anorexic 'I’m so fat' kind of way. In an 'I can really conquer the world' kind of way.

Gas is expensive. It took 26 dollars to fill up my Hyundai Elantra. That’s just wrong.

More and more people are having babies. More and more people are wondering why I’m not.

If I could wrap self-esteem and give it away, I wouldn't have to send Christmas cards.

My hands are veiny. My feet are worse. With such great circulation, you’ld think I would never get cold.


Anonymous said...

You should work on that name thing. It's important.

Lots of love,
Melanie, er Melissa. crap.

Anonymous said...

don't feel bad. i changed my husband's name to Jack. he's ok with it.


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