Friday, December 17, 2004

Christmas list

I figure, this is my journal, I can be selfish.

Let's just jump right in, shall we.
I'ld like music mostly. Lots of it.

Green Day latest
Snow Patrol
Modest Mouse latest
The Streets latest
Caedmon's Call (anything but LongLineofLeavers)
Train latest
Coldplay latest
Bare Naked Ladies latest holiday album

Other than that, i'm good. I want for nothing. But if anyone feels the need to get me something, please just donate a toy to toys for tots or pick up a gift for someone less fortunate. I really am blessed. And my husband already got me my gift ;)

Of course, a girl can always use more wooly socks.


Anonymous said...

I have modest mouse and I think some caedmon's call... but i don't know where my modest mouse cd is cuz i hate it. perhaps i can find it... we'll see.


Anonymous said...

i think marybeth is making me the MM CD. unless she was talking about someone else in her blog. but thanks.


embee said...

yes, this lazy fool was talking about you. i'm working on it, i have a bunch of cds i'm burning for you. none on your list besides that one. but some others i know you're going to dance in your underwear to.

Anonymous said...

But I hate this cd and I want to get rid of it!!!!


Anonymous said...

i bought Snow Patrol this weekend at Target for $8.99. go me.

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