Tuesday, November 23, 2004

So i learned that...

• Even hot dogs taste better when someone else has made them.
• Politeness is difficult when you’re annoyed.
• It’s nearly impossible to concentrate on poker at 2 in the morning. Unless you’re winning.
• Tacos at midnight are never a good idea.
• Ditto on feta cheese pizza.
• Hot tubs are a necessity.
• Cell phones are evil. They allow people to find you. No matter how hard you’re trying to hide.
• Jasmine tea is much like drinking a boiled down candle. Not that I have ever sipped a liquid candle, but I’m imagining they’re quiet similar.
• If it’s ever a call between a gust of wind fueling a beach chair and your shins, the chair always wins.
• Friends are sometimes you’re most valuable asset.
• Florida really has the best orange juice.
• You always need a vacation to recover from a vacation. It’s a vicious cycle.

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Anonymous said...

the world thanks you for updating:)


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