Friday, November 05, 2004

all news, all day, every day

Here's a little update on my life. since I have no interesting stories to tell.

• This weekend we'll be opening a joint checking account. Should be fun trying to secretly spend my paychecks.

• I am currently registering for school, full time, next semester.

• I've been asked by my web design teacher to be her teaching assistant next semester, which is great because it means a 3 credit class with no homework. what could be better? Of course, it also means i'll have to pretend like I know what i'm doing.

• The two people I despise most at work are secretly plotting to make my life miserable here. Little do they know, i don't plan on staying here much longer and thus really have nothing to lose. In other words, they picked the wrong person to mess with.

• I have a work party this evening that i have no interest in attending other than for the free food and drink. Which i guess is reason enough.

• Thursday we leave for Orlando and a 7-day cruise.

• I really need to get to the dentist sometime soon to get my teeth cleaned from all this leftover Halloween candy i've been eating.

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