Wednesday, September 01, 2004

thoughts of inviting calm

If i could live eternally in one day it would be a day in October. Preferably the 5th, that way i always have my birthday to look forward to, but never really get any older..The surrounding scenery a golden warm mix of yellows and reds, the wind bringing it's cool serenity and the warmth of wool huddled close to my neck. I stand in the middle of a field and breath in the crisp fall air until it all becomes too cool to stand. I grab my scarf and my sketchbook and head indoors, make tea, sit in my green oversized chair... Sometimes i wonder what life would be like, curled up in my favorite green chair, drinking mint tea, listening to the world and reading an interesting book. I suppose it would be perfect. Uneventful, but perfect. I guess you scream for days like this when you can't escape stress. Stress makes you wish for peace. It makes you create lovely situations in your head. And then it makes you eat lots of chocolate.

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