Friday, September 03, 2004

Bees are bad

Well, yesterday was an interesting day. At first, not all was well, and i had to take some time off of work. $175 dollars, one bee man, and one bee suit later, the buggers are no longer invading my laundry room. He killed em dead, or at least they all will be in 10 to 14 days. After this fiasco i decided to take my husband up on his offer to stay at his hotel for the night. He was working, and spouses are encouraged to feel free to use the hotel rooms. Since, if we didn't we would hardly see them. So after an hour of putzing around the house, packing, painting my toenails, spilling red polish all over the bathroom (oi), and changing 3 times, i'm ready.

So I grab my things, jumped in the car and head for Skaneatles, a ritzy little lake town about 45 minutes away where houses go for rediculouly rediculous amounts of money. Crap, no gas. Stop at the gas station, fill 'er up. Crap, i forgot my pills, no biggy, just take it tomorrow. No, i forgot my makeup bag, that's it, back home. Run in, run out, and now i'm on my way. I think. Yes, yes, i have everything. Or do i?

I arrive at the Inn and call my husband. "Are you done?" "No, she's decided to sit and have dinner." "ok, what should i do, hang out in the room." "yeah, no problem, i'll register and get you the key." 'She' being Hillary Clinton. One of her staff decided i should come down and hang around, say hi and maybe have a drink or a bite to eat. Well, i do neither, i'm wearing my retainer for good measure and now i feel like a dork. I thought i would be popping in, running up to a room and spreading out on a clean white comforter, maybe even running a bath. But no, i'm meeting the former First Lady of the United States. Interesting. Thank God i did my toenails. She sat around and drank beer and chatted with her "people" while i stood there talking to some staffers that i had spent time with before. I pretty much felt like that awkward girl who used to stand by the wall while all the popular girls wiggled and sang to the latest Mariah Carrie tune. All i wanted to do was go upstairs, rip off my skirt and fabulous Limited top and sink into warm bubbly bliss. Eventually I did, and to be completely honest, it was the highlight of my night. So all in all, the day ended on a relaxingly high note, not an opera high note, more of an Enya high note. Thank God for oversized whirlpool tubs.

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