Monday, August 30, 2004

i've never been one for good-timing

Today is the first day of classes for fall semester. So in very Cheri-esque fashion, i didn't set my alarm right. Fortunately for me, i woke up in time to shower and show up at work only ten minutes late...note to self: never "check" alarm while half-asleep, no matter how convinced you are it's a good idea.

So i went to a job interview over the weekend. If i do get offered the job and accept it this will definately change my plans for next semester. I was planning to quit work and attend school full time, stress-free. Finish up and get back into a career that i might actually enjoy. This job however, is an opportunity that i would be hard-pressed to decline. And just when i stopped searching..why does it never work out as i plan? It's fine really, it's a nice unorganized life, but it does make things harder than they have to be. But change is good, as is 2 weeks vacation and one week of sick days.

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