Monday, August 30, 2004

a day in my life

7:30 wake up very late
7:50 leave for work
8:15 late for work
1:00-1:30 go get birthday card for friend (also picked up more NUMI mint tea, fantastic), make lunch & dinner, eat lunch/pack dinner, late getting back to work
4:45 leave work
5:45 arrive in College town
5:45-6:30 pick up textbooks from bookstore, pick up information packet for internship which needs to be completed and submitted in two weeks time (paperwork, not internship)
6:30-9:25 web design class
9:25-10:25 drive home
10:25 eat bowl of cereal
11:00 "not tonight Jack, going to sleep."


Anonymous said...

dude you need a college that doesn't take an hour for you to drive to!


Anonymous said...

right. okay. find me one with a great graphics program that accomodates part-time adult students, and accepts PCC transfer credits. right. that's what i thought.


Anonymous said...

guess you're just going to have to come live in Indiana and go to school with me!

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