Monday, July 15, 2013

The ocean, she calls to me

Some friends invited us to their beach house for a day this past week. It was marvelous to say the least and the rainy weather held off until our drive home. The overall feeling of the beach community is so relaxed and inviting, by the end of the day we were debating purchasing a house and commuting two hours a day.

At first E was a little upset by all the dirty, gritty sand everywhere. Until she realized it was one giant sandbox. Then she was in love. She played for hours and didn't even bother to take her afternoon nap, although I caught her laying in the sand a couple of times out of sheer exhaustion.

These two finally warmed up to each other and decided to play together in the sand.

But that didn't last long. He was getting a little grabby for her taste.

We thoroughly enjoyed our beach day. We've waited far too long to get to the water this summer so from here on out we'll be back plenty of times to say hello.

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