Friday, November 09, 2012

A fall photoshoot with the Wares

We lucked out and decided at the last minute to have a fall photoshoot with friends. I would take some photos of them and they would return the favor. It actually had a lot of benefits, they have professional shots for family and Christmas cards, and Nate was able to play around with my camera and see if he really does want to break down and purchase an SLR. Oh, and we were able to get family pictures with the bebe, with me actually in them.

Anyway, I say we lucked out, because the foliage was beautiful even though they were calling for peak the following weekend. Well, thanks to that crazy storm Sandy, peak was really the day we were there and by the next Sunday most of the leaves had been blown off.

Here's just a few shots from the day, hopefully they won't be upset that you guys are seeing them first:

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