Friday, October 26, 2012

A wedding review

Bear with me, I usually try to post just a few from each shoot, but this wedding had a lot of favorites. For one, the bride is my cousin, one of a twin pair, and I love them dearly. We spent many a childhood day running around across their street, barefoot, playing with everything we could find in that little muddy slice of the ocean. It was an honor that she thought of me to record her beautiful day and I always love being such an intimate part of it all. Of course, they like to party, and this momma was pushing really hard to stay up past midnight!

Anyway, she's all grown up, and even though I didn't know her groom-to-be, I've discovered since then that he's a pretty swell guy. I wouldn't expect anything less to get by my Aunt.

Something blue:

I adore the light in this one:

Something for fun:

The twins all dolled up:

The happy new couple:

And the beautiful bride:

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