Monday, February 20, 2012

welcome to bebe land

Since everyone seems to be having children, i've had several bebe gifts on my project list. This time it was some burp cloths:


and a very wonky stuffed rattle/ball:


A quilter I am not. I found the tutorial on Pinterest, but you can get it here. Hers look much nicer! Anyway, I'm sure you're sick of bebe themed crafting, but I'll have something else to show you soon. I've been working on a living room remodel...


Melissa said...

You totally started a bebe-making trend. I've got 14 friends who are pregnant right now. Reeee-dicaliss!!
And I love my wonky ball. The one you made looks way better than anything I would make. :-)

The Beaber Family said...

Where'd you get your flannel from? I can't seem to get any cute stuff from my Joann store. It's getting a little frustrating. i see all these cute projects in adorable fabrics online but can't find similar fabric anywhere. :( Boo.

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