Tuesday, January 03, 2012

52 a year: a photography journey through 2012


Well Marybeth decided to rope me into a photography project to keep our creative juices rolling, and keep us learning new styles and techniques. And since neither of us can commit to creating or blogging an image a day, she decided once a week was a lot more reasonable. We've created a Facebook page, 52 a year, for members who commit with us {cause we all should be committed...} and we'll be announcing a weekly theme on Mondays, giving you a whole week to come up with something fabulous, or just something, depending on how crazy your week is. We will also have linking available here on the blog in the comment section of each weekly theme post. {once we figure out how to do that!}

So here's our first theme, which you have until next Monday to complete:


Kelly said...

i suck at themes. already, "new" has me stuck! i have no idea what the picture will be of, but i'll try. :)

judi said...

inlinkz.com is an easy to use link up tool. best wishes for a successful 52 a year project.

*how's bebe? and momma doing?

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