Thursday, December 17, 2009

8 days

it's been that long since my last depressing post, so i thought i should update lest you all think i'd gone off the deep end. {thanks so much for all the supportive comments...) i've nearly survived this year, filled with work stress, unexplained sickness and endless visits from people we love. needless to say it's been a busy one! but that's to be expected since we moved to the quickest-paced and most demanding city in the world. i now fully understand the need to take sabbaticals to remote milk farms in vermont with nothing but a pair of wellies and a few good books. seriously, that sounds delicious to me right now.

but in spite of it all, it's a wonderful life, and though i don't have nearly enough time to enjoy it, i do appreciate it. next week i'll be taking a long anticipated trip away where i will hopefully suck in all the necessary rest and relaxation {and vitamin d} that my body has vehemently demanded.

so in the meantime, here's some short info:

currently reading: pride and prejudice and zombies.
currently loving: a charlie brown christmas album.
currently wanting: an apple peeler/corer from williams sonoma.
currently waiting: for my vacation.
currently missing: my mother.
currently walking: to and from doctors appointments.
currently adjusting: to my new hair! or lack thereof.


Jennifer and Maddy said...

pride and prejudice and zombies?
has literature really come to this?
oh the shame!

the Jeffr said...

oh boy...i saw that book at barnes a while back. Shoulda known you'd gobble it up ;)

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