Thursday, November 12, 2009

here's lookin' at you kid

every time i see someone walk buy holding their child's hand i wonder what it would be like to raise kids here in new york city. i mean, there's no way we could afford a two bedroom apartment but if push came to shove i'm sure we'd relent and make the sacrifices. but children here are so mature. really, they know the subways better than me, they're afraid of practically nothing, and they're incredibly street smart.

but would i want that for my child or would i want them to be carefree and just be a kid? i think there's a lot to be said for the innocence of children, or the safety they experience in the burbs without realizing it. but then i think kids aren't safe anywhere in this generation, so would it be a bad thing to have a street-wise child?

and then i think i shouldn't have kids at all! and then i think i think too much.


Sizzledowski said...

I didn't grow up in a stuffy suburb, but I wasn't in the heart of the city either. Working with kids who live in neighborhoods around here ... they are sheltered and dependent way beyond what I think I'd want my kids to be.

It's hard to find balance, but I think I'd pick street smart over an oversized whiney baby anyday.

embee said...

stop thinking and go make a baby.

Jennifer and Maddy said...

hurray MB! someone else to back me up already

don't over think it... who cares what your living conditions are, all you need is love!

your mommy said...

If the Lord blesses you with a baby, he will give you the wisdom to know what to do to raise that child in His will. Maybe this is one of those decisions that is really not up to you, let the OCD rest and let God do his will.....I love you,

morninglory kitsch said...

just as many bad things can happen in the sticks.
really, do my kids have to old enough to babysit yours by the time you have one? that's not much fun.
my baby starts school next year. i'm already looking at middle schools for dot and thinking of high school and college.

Melissa said...

Yeah, I think you're overthinking things. (typed by someone who overthought things for more than a decade...)
What I've learned is that God empowers us (if we ask/want) and equips us with the leadership and guidance and love and support that we need to raise our kids in His way and in His will.
NY or CT? Borough or Burbs? God will be with you, raising your babies wherever you live.

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