Thursday, October 08, 2009

save the ta tas!

well as most of you know, it's breast cancer awareness month. a whole month dedicated to reminding people that they are making tremendous strides in the fight against breast cancer.

this is a great month to consume for the cause, so i found this bag on the avon website(yeah, remember that stuff your mom used to order out of the mini catalog that somehow found it's way into every public bathroom?). this merimekko designed bag is only ten dollars! i'm not kidding! and 100% of the net profits go to breast cancer research, about 6 dollars and change. so go buy a cute back and save the ta tas!

(photo from the avon website...)


carrie said...

hmmmm, i like!! i'm sure my husband wouldn't have a problem if i purchased a cutsie bag like that, anything to save the ta tas!!!:)

Melissa said...

Very cute! Thanks for being our personal shopper. :o) Avon has always been great about supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month. Enjoy your loverly bag, madear!

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