Friday, August 07, 2009

away we go

i'm on a mini-break, sort of. i hopped a train early (EARLY) this morning headed for the R to the I. good ol' RI. i forget how much i miss the new england coast but every summer i get a glimpse and that happiness pours through my veins. i won't wax all poetic on you, but you all know by now that i have a deep love affair with the ocean and everything it entails (minus the man-eating sharks and the shipwrecks).

anyway, i'm able to see jen who is home from new zealand for a few weeks, albeit under unfortunate circumstances. regardless we're going to try to have a good weekend together and, in my humble opinion, today was fairly successful.

and i'm not sure why i picked this image for this post, but it's all i had since an attempt to pack light for the train ride left me laptop-less. but never camera-less. no never.


embee said...

awww i would love to meet jen. say hi to the ocean for me.

Jennifer and Maddy said...

ditto MB, i'd love to meet you too.... maybe since i'm so close, i'll just drop by and knock on your door!

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