Wednesday, July 01, 2009

craft and craft alike

i've been a crafty disappointment lately. i know it, i admit it. but to be perfectly honest i have no time to do anything. anything crafty that is. it's not like the good old days where i had a dedicated room to all things ribbon and fabric. nowadays, creating is a much longer process that includes unpacking everything, setting it all up, doing whatever it is i plan to do with the remaining 20 minutes and then putting everything neatly away so as to not clutter the 500 sq ft apartment.

i have endless unfinished projects, like the photo albums for mb's new baby that finally arrived, the newly born twins blankets which may end up being a one year birthday gift, a summer bag, and a gambit of other 'want to' creative projects. i keep a notebook of all my ideas, so someday, when i do have loads of time on my hands, i'll be able to make a whole plethora of things to sit down and admire. not to mention all those patterns left untouched.

until then i'll just envy everyone else's free these parking meter cozies that popped up on a small brooklyn street one day.


daisygirl said...

I'm about to be the craft lady at VBS next week. Spent all afternoon buying supplies, and drooling over things I couldn't buy but wanted to. It'll be non-stop crafting for me over the next week.

morninglory kitsch said...

i love spontaneous gifts of public craftiness! or something like that.

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