Friday, May 22, 2009

honestly, really, seriously

i'm beat. exhausted. drained. but there have been many an exciting thing happening here. for one, work has been crazy but i was able to take part in two photo shoots last week, one of which i was able to direct (thanks to my boss' wife delivering their new baby!). for another, husband and i both can't wait to get into our quieter place though we are noticing the space getting smaller and smaller with each new piece of furniture. the bedroom is actually laughable, the windows are all sorts of messed up and unsafe, the kitchen cabinets are horrendous, and we still don't have a mailbox key but we've both come to terms with compromise and keep telling ourselves how much money we'll be saving each month. (500 dollars!)

well i think we're leaving for CT tomorrow morning even though it seems wrong to leave the most fantastic parking spot we've ever found since living here. but it's just a parking spot, and i'd take some r&r to a slab of pavement any day.

goodnight and see some of you tomorrow morning!

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