Thursday, November 20, 2008

ketch up

what a busy life we lead. i'm looking forward to a productive yet relaxing weekend. then we have friends coming in all next week for thanksgiving so it starts all over!

so this past weekend we took a last-minute trip to connecticut. love that we're only two hours from home now BUT you really have to leave super early or fairly late to avoid any traffic. in other words, it took us three hours this time. BUT we made it in time for our double date with ben and carrie. dinner and a movie! we went to see 'fireproof' which i highly recommend if you can make it past some of the forced dialogue and so-so acting, not on cameron's part of course. the message of the movie trumps all of that anyway, so go see it.

the next day we spent at the outlets (stellar deals at the RL outlet, although the line in GAP was too ridiculous to stick around) and then church twice in one day! we haven't done that in forever, but it was really nice, we're still having trouble finding the type of church we're used to here in the city. anyway, that night i handed over the pictures to the excited bride from back in October. she's so happy with everything which in turn makes me SO glad that i did it, although i'm worried she's going to plaster her walls with the photos and then you'll really notice all the imperfections.

another announcement: i'll be having a tinkerwiththis sale in bristol, connecticut sometime in the beginning of december. i'll send around invites via email, which you of course can forward to anyone you know who would be looking for cute handmade Christmas gifts! i'll be finalizing a date and sending out invites (along with making some more inventory) this weekend SO if you want to be included on that list, email me: (i'm really looking forward to meeting some online buyers in person!) OH! and i had an email this morning, my pendants will be featured on a blog sometimes next week. i'll let you know when and where that is once it's up :)

well, if you've made it this far through my photo-lacking extended blog post then there's something in it for you. i have passes to a ralph lauren sample sale that's taking place here in new york city on december 3rd and 4th. it allows you access to the sale and they accept visa and mastercard. from what i hear it's a great sale and they have everything from home & accessories to men, women's, kids and baby clothes. if anyone of you wants a pass, and think you can make it into the city either that wednesday or thursday let me know! better sooner than later too so i can get the pass to you in time. just think, a fun day of shopping in nyc, plus the opportunity to pretty much do all your christmas shopping, what's better than that?!


Kelly said...

um, i want an invite to your sale, and passes to the RL thing. but i live on the other side of the country. :(

Melissa said...

Ummm...speaking of photo-lacking extended blog's your day-in-the-year-in-the-nyc photo album coming along? Oh, I guess if you were in CT, you couldn't be taking pictures of NYC, right? (I'm smart like that) :o)

Jennifer and Maddy said...

since i can't be there for the RL sample sale, you can be me for 5 minutes here's my shopping list: baby clothes ok thanks!

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