Saturday, June 07, 2008

half past exhausted

we're here but we're not exactly settled, there's still a box or two wandering around. but i did make my first official grocery run tonight and tomorrow {} i plan to do some official first laundry. by next wednesday we should be all settled. and i give that timeframe just because the last of our ikea crap gets delivered on tuesday...yay for more cut up knuckles and assembly mistakes! but in all seriousness, i have to give mad props to IKEA, for under two grand we furnished our entire apartment. and that money came from all the furniture/items we sold in syracuse. so our bank account isn't feelin' the burn.

i'm soooo glad the moving part of things is over for now. {i was so sick of our temp place i can't even tell you} now for the settling in part...

{and thanks to you all for the responses to the last post!! thanks to the input, i'll be tweaking version two a bit, printing some business cards and then redesigning all the packaging for future products!}


tink's mom said...

GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE... I am glad to see her on here again. I was holding off calling you because I knew you were busy beyond belief. I hope you enjoy your new apartment/neighborhood. Pictures please.

Kelly said...

i'm with you on the unpacking stuff! we've been running the dishwasher and laundry constantly since we got our stuff yesterday. but it feels SO good!

Melissa said...

Hurry up and get all the business of moving done so you can get to craftin' and creatin' already! Sheesh!
Glad you're finally in your new home, and I really hope the unpacking and settling in goes smooth like butta.

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