Wednesday, February 27, 2008

all natural grays

hairdye.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

are now gone thanks to some all natural hair dye. seriously, this stuff is great and it doesn't stink or stain everything in sight.

in my quest for the ever elusive poytail i discover i'm only and inch or two away. i will strut down fifth in summer garb complete with summer hair. i will.

and mom, i'm sucking in my cheeks here, attempting my best pouty model pose. i did not, i repeat, i did not lose weight.


Anonymous said...

I am getting a complex here, I think you look terrific. BTW, Mama is at home and doing well, give her a you,

Sara said...

So what did you use? My hair needs to be done again but I refuse to pay someone to do it. It's a ridiculous amount of $ when it's super easy to do myself. I just need to find the right product.

Looks great!

tinka wit' it said...

herbatint! trader joes or whole foods would sell's only about 10 dollars and you can get two uses out of it.

Anonymous said...

still 20 lbs over jen said:

please don't mention weight around me! i just have to keep telling myself "it's only been 3 weeks, it's only been 3 weeks!" but i keep looking at my nice expensive designer jeans that i haven't worn since last may and i miss them. yes you can miss a pair of jeans.

n8andbumber said...

I wish i had a cheap way to cover up the grays! the box stuff doesn't work with my crazy hair. your hair's getting so long! it looks great.

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