Friday, September 28, 2007

all life's a commercial, baby

and i could dance through it all.

• the old navy fair isle sweaters commercial music:
ingrid michaelson: "the way i am"
i really need to get this cd AND one of those sweaters
• jcpenney commercial with the telephone booth that explodes with water
regina spektor: "musicbox"
i'll pick up this song from itunes, but i'm not sure i dig the whole cd, remember her "fidelity" from grey's? ah yes.
• the new ipod nano commercial:
feist: "1 2 3 4"
imagine my giddy surprise when that song popped up on the CD i requested from the library. score!


embee said...

i don't watch commercials anymore. however Ghost of Corporate Future by Regina Spektor is gooood.

Kelly said...

i thought that was regina spektor! i'll have to download that one, too.

Anonymous said...

I seriously want the old navy chicks cd.. and i seriously think you need to make me some cd's! you have the coolest cd ever!!

oh i got the BEST Christian CD tonight. A guy from my church just recorded it. Send me your address and i'll send it to you! you'll love it!!


Anonymous said...

I think you get the 'need' to dance through the commercials honestly.... I can't sit still with any music and if I don't have any music on.... I still dance, I can have a tune in my head and a wiggle in my bottom for the longest time! hmmm, I think I should be skinny...
love you...
Mom :+ kisses

morninglory kitsch said...

i watch a lot A LOT of tv and i actually have no clue what you're talking about. i spotted a sweater i wanted from old navy on the commercial. i think it's the last one, but seriously, can't remember any of the songs you referred to. sorry.
ps. i just confused your mom for my own, they sound just alike.

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