Friday, August 31, 2007

hey bu dee

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so yes mb, to answer your question, i am growing my hair out. i desperatly want cute maintenance-free hair. and my evil plan is working. i'm thinking by christmas it'll be just a long as i want, and i might have the courage by then to get some chunky highlights. for now though, i'm pretty psyched that getting the back cut once a month means 5$ haircuts. totally in my budget.

so by this time tomorrow i'll be on a ferry headed straight for block island. i couldn't be more excited. i could try, but it would be difficult.

currently reading a book called "mr darcy take a wife". oh. my. it's splendid and i'm completely hooked. it's a continuation of the pride and prejudice story, so it's darcy and elizabeth married, very romantic. and it's quite long. i don't think i've ever conquered a book this big, but i'm determined. i'm thinking of a handmade gift for the girl who lent it to me.

had a dream i found a door to heaven lastnight here on earth, in the desert somewhere. but i didn't want to walk through it. i kept repeating the names of all the people i still needed to witness to. like my neices and my grandmother. my heart aches for them so much. i have so much to do. i guess we all do.

and on that note everyone have a good holiday weekend. i'll be back wednesday to tell you all about my adventures. until then, live long and blog.


morninglory kitsch said...

1. proud of you for endeavoring to read a long book.
2. bless you for waiting for heaven so you can take others with you.
3. when will we see a proper pic of this infamous hair?
4. say hi to our rasta dread-headed frieds on BI.
5. have fun!

tinka tinka what said...

those guys were SO nice. ah, i have so many good memories from our trip...

Molly Carlisle said...

I have to let you know ... the suckiest part about growing your hair out (well, for me anyway) is the nasty increase in strands of hair being EVERYWHERE in the bathroom. It's driving me crazy. I HATE IT. I'm seriously tempted to chop my hair again merely so I don't have to sweep so much friggin hair in my bathroom.

morninglory kitsch said...

what is this 'sweep'?

daisygirl said...

Yes, hair everywhere. Danny always complains about it being in his socks-not just on them, but woven right into the threads.
Who wrote that book? Jane Austen is a favorite of mine and I love long books.
Have a great weekend! The only place I've been in Rhode Island is Newport. That was really cool-love big mansions!

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