Thursday, July 05, 2007

100 degrees and toasty

me_carazy.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

me, not the weather. i've been out sick since monday, i felt it coming last week but i pushed through to get some things done. ah stress. how our bodies love thee. so now i need to focus on resting and eating right. i've lost about 8 pounds since my surgery, which for me is pretty substantial, but i haven't been to the gym since a week before my surgery, so it's probably all my muscles saying hasta manana sucka.

so anyway, here's a pic fresh from this morning, i'm showing off one of my new fun headbands {two in the shop later today} and my sweet necklace that i love love love. and my fat arm. which is where the muscle used to live. but it packed up and moved away and it's overweight uncle saw the opportunity to move his trailer on the land. {i'm not saying i'm overweight, that would be cause for intervention, i'm just being funny, ha ha. get it?} anyway, i'm feeling better today but thanks to a bad wok choice in the food court yesterday i was up pretty late praying to the malox gods. so here's to a good weekend. hopefully.

i'll have a shop update later, a couple of handy holders, headbands, stamped onesies, even a gretta bag! {what what}. so stay tuned.


evening sickness jen said...

you are sick entirely too much!

Wannabe said...

I think you like to take pics of yourself. What were you sick with now?

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