Tuesday, June 19, 2007

now that's the random hotness

i've recently discovered the awesome bras at h&m. this is great for me and my checking account, bad for victoria secrets and my angel charge card. no longer will i spend 35-50 dollars on one bra when i can spend 12.90 and be perfectly content and supported {which, who are we kidding, i'm in no desperate need of fifty dollars worth of support}.

also currently in love with the american eagle line of shoes at payless. i'm absolutely willing to spend 20-50 dollars on a quality pair of clarks, but for summer's cute shoes it makes perfect sense to buy cheap, cute and comfy {which they all are, surprisingly}. i heart payless.

and some more hotness, my new fave color combo, brown, white and teal. i'm sporting brown gouchos from target {a steal at 7 bucks!} and although i vowed to never succumb to such a nasty fashion trend {one year too late at that}, i can't help but adore these cotton comfy dreamy half-pants. it's like walking around in my pj's all day.

other summer obsessions: heathered ultra-thin cotton, wife-beaters {love the jcrew one jen, muchos gracias}, clarks orange flip-flops, the farmer's market and my sunroof.

PS: i need hair help. help! what should i do with the mop that currently resides on my head? highlights? crop? cut? dye? don't forget, i have a new nose now so the possibilities are endless!


Wannabe said...

Lucky you only needing $12 worth of support. Even the "Angels" can't support my baggage. Harumph.

I'm on a wife beater kick too. I love layering them.

Must check out the Payless love.

Sarah said...

I am currently obsessed with cute and cheap -thanks for the tips!

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