Friday, December 22, 2006

happy Christmas!

well, tomorrow morning we're off, and although i'll be seeing some of you {MB & Sarah & Starbucks = good times; Jen + TJMaxx = expensive times} i won't be seeing others of you. so merry Christmas mom. and wannabe. and that crazy chic in maryland. and daniel who reads my stories and thoughts and never posts a single comment. i know you're out there. and anyone else out there who loves candy canes. merry Christmas to you too.

and don't forget, i'll have 3G's worth of photos when i return!


Wannabe said...

Pinch my sister's butts for me.

Merry Christmas.


mom said...

Merry Christmas sweetie and hubby. Have a safe trip and take lots of pics. Talk to you soon,

Melissa said...

HEY! did you get the book?

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