Tuesday, December 13, 2005

behind these green eyes

3 finals to go.

in true celebratory fashion i plan to go shopping when all is said and done. christmas shopping for everyone, including me.

speaking of money i don't have. i made 250 bucks designing someone's small website. i don't even have to take care of the maintenance, i just had to design the skeleton (for class project even) and then hand it off to another designer.

my CDs came in the mail finally. i shouldn't say finally. BMG is really quick. the site and e-mail they send you says 5-7 days but it rarely takes that long. Aqualung, Robbie Williams, Casting Crowns and Zero7. Also got the new Kelly Clarkson for my husband. Seriously, he likes her. so weird. but my ipod is all filled up and ready to rock.

thanks for the new hip music Mel.

hey, anyone need a graphic designer?

1 comment:

melissa said...

you're very welcome. :)

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