Sunday, November 06, 2005

and God said, "let there be rain"

and there was. A whole lot of it.

Today started out gorgeous. 70 degrees and sunshine, early November in upstate New York. It's unheard of. It's obscene. I wished i was a kid again, so I could roll around in the leave piles along the sides of the road without anyone asking me if I needed them to call someone.

Then the rain came, and washed away all my sins. As soon as the power was out, I jumped in the car and went to Target. I'll look for any excuse to go to Target. But power outage and no way to do homework without my trusty devil Mac is a heck of a good one.

So I ended up with a new set of flannal sheets (in preparation for the actual weather we should be having) and a bright pink sweater. A good day it has been, it has been a good day.

(by the way, i love the new retro designs popping up all over the place, from notecards, to wrapping paper, blankets, it.)

1 comment:

Movie Reviewer said...

You should have jumped in the leaves anyway.

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