Wednesday, September 07, 2005

rant much


This is just a slight glimmer of the helplessness the hurricane victims are feeling. It's a horrible feeling. To be completely subject to something out of your control.

On a positive note, friends and I were worried about an old college friend living in the Louisiana area. We've finally heard from him, he and his family are fine, luckily there was minimal damage to their houses.


Anonymous said...
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Hannah said...

Gas prices in the uk are 4 times as much, you should think yourself lucky really :P

cheri said...

i don't think it would upset me much if i knew it was just normal inflation. But the main problem I have with the recent surge in prices is that gas companies are taking advantage of disaster victims and using the hurricane as an excuse. Also, they're really killing the direct victims in the south that are attempting to travel elsewhere with prices up to 7 dollars a gallon, adn these are people that just lost everything...No compassion. It's also an unnecessary problem that's causing rioting and fights at the stations.

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