Wednesday, July 06, 2005

busy bee

this past week i was in Rochester doing some freelance work. a few days and i've got one summer class paid off. it's nice. plus, i got to catch up with an old friend and stuff my face with some peanut butter and chocolate goodness at starbucks. you order this mammoth dessert thing and a mixed tall frothy delicious drink and only after you've paid do they give you a free sample of their newest ice cream flavor. it was a caffeine flood that my brain is still recovering from.

this weekend we painted the shutters on our house. or should i say repainted. it was the infamous painting fiasco of last summer. we had our shutters on sawhorses in the garage for two months last year. our neighbors were starting to mention our lack of window embellishments. this weekend one can only assume that when they saw us heading to our shutters with our power drill and ladder they all gasped or groaned. but we had them down and up in two days flat. goodbye stark and drastic white, hello warm and inviting buttercream.

my eye is red and burning and this morning i think i pulled an alien out of it.

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