Tuesday, June 14, 2005

another successful

trip to Connecticut. Successful as in, no baby spit up on either shoulders the entire weekend, no cops pulled us over for speeds in excess of 95 mph, no hideous barbeque stains on any white articles of clothing, and no broken or torn anythings from a double header softball event. Also, a great sale at the JCrew outlet on the way home and a small budget makes me a happy girl with new pants.

I went shopping for my husband's birthday present lastnight. I got him a couple of CDs which i appropriately gave to him before our trip this weekend since that rediculously cool itrip he bought me for Christmas has tragically decided on an MTV-esque career change and no longer plays music but only static and a lot of nothing worth paying attention to. So, CDs and clothes seem to be my trend for him since he has this habit of buying everything he wants when he wants regardless of an upcoming holiday or birthday. I decided clothes were my only option since i'm jobless and pretty much buying him a gift with my ebay 'winnings'. I also decided it was time to take it upon myself to expand his wardrobe. He wears blue, yellow, and darker blue. And of course, the standard white. So an orange shirt and a green tie (not to be worn together) is what I eventually walked out with. I was so tempted by a few interesting shirts that he had a chance to look hot in, but when I spotted the 'metro' tag i decided against them and the inevitable anti-metrosexual (maybe your friends would wear this) discussion.

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