Friday, January 14, 2005

dear diary

day number 7,843.
weight: 104
addictions: shoes

lifted today for the first time in, oh, about 3 weeks. bought two pair of $3 shoes at Target. ecstatic. learned i am a size 5 in children's shoes. when informed by my doctor that i had to take antibiotics for the next week, she spent 5 minutes emphasizing the fact that i CANNOT drink while taking the medication or i will surely puke. then i spent 20 seconds explaining to her that i don't puke, i mean, drink. always wondered how one would gain a career at stores such as Staples or Best Buy when they are far beyond the age of part time jobs or college or getting a date. also think one should be able to sue the responsible party when the sun does not appear for entire weeks. as soon as i find out who the exact bastard is, i'm calling my lawyers. am debating finding the local library and perhaps in fact, becoming a member. now that i am a poor college student i cannot afford to waste my money on books at Barnes & Nobles when it's obvious that the mooney should be wasted at Target or a fun store of my choosing. also, believe the ideology of the woman cook to be completely wrong. men are used to handling meat and dirt. it's clearly their responsibility. i'm going on strike.


heather said...

i had a rather clever line to add to this... but today i'm instigating a "filter."

As Mullenix would say, "keep it clean!"

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see that you are starting to feel better... I, too, feel that men should do the cooking...oh, wait, he does! (burn things alot when it is your turn to cook, it works wonders) Antibiotics will make you puke even if you don't drink. Used books and libraries are heaven sent. And $3 shoes are always the best. Creativity and Life go hand in hand, always keep both readily available.
Mom (PS. I never did like the gloomy days in winter)

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